Colombian food in NYC brings delicious & nutritious homemade arepas & empanadas. Palenque is a company dedicated to providing delicious gourmet colombian fusions, ‘home­style’ cooking to the New York metro area. Our food is prepared from the finest eco-­friendly organic ingredients and made with love 💕

AREPAS are traditional neutral flavoured bread patties made from corn and water.

Palenque's artisanal AREPAS are inspired from traditional recipes but made with ancient whole grains such as the South American quinoa, brown rice, flax, chia and sesame seeds, producing a healthier version of AREPAS

The ultimate source of protein on the go!

The desire to share this traditional pre­Columbian gastronomic treasure is aligned with the founders values. Viviana Lewis and Nena Sierra cook with passion while spreading the long­standing tradition of AREPAS.


We brought our delicious Arepas to street markets and other locations.

We are now moving forward with Our Dream,
opening an Arepas Factory to be able to distribute our delicious and nutritious Colombian arepas made in Brooklyn with love! :-)

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The story of palenque

Since 2008, the founders’ passion & dedication for catering bear its fruits. That same year, we became a vendor at Urban Space all over the city. And also became part of 97 Rockaway beach concession for the summer.  For Soon after, we saw an opportunity to establish ourselves at Broadway Bites and the Garment District.

After three successful years, Palenque expanded and opened to the public a food truck by September 2011.  The food truck was a great innovation to spread our Arepas and instantly was a hit.

By 2012, Palenque started participating in key events, such as the Food Network, Living Social and beer festivals, serving more than 3,000 customers per shift.

During Hurricane Sandy, Palenque chose to be involved with the community by feeding those in need serving 200 free arepas daily during the month of November 2012 under the Mayor’s office Sandy Relief Food Program.

2014 became a challenge for our business, and the truck was rented to Amazon Coconut Water from May through September.

In 2015, we also were part of  the Gansevoort Market in the Meat Packing District. Since 2012, we have participated weekly in the Smorgasburg street food fair, which opened doors to more events.


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