Palenque is a company dedicated to providing delicious gourmet Colombian fusions, ‘’home­style’’ cooking to the New York metro area. Our food is prepared from the finest eco­friendly organic ingredients and made with love. The desire to share this traditional pre­Columbian gastronomic treasure is aligned with the founders’ values. Viviana Lewis and Nena Sierra cook with passion while spreading the long­standing tradition of Arepas.

enjoy our food as much as we do!

Arepas are traditional neutral flavoured bread patties made from corn and water. Palenque's artisanal Arepas are inspired from traditional recipes but made with ancient whole grains such as the South American quinoa, brown rice, flax, chia and sesame seeds, producing a healthier version of Arepas. The ultimate source of protein on the go!

All Our Arepas come with arugula, queso fresco Colombiano, Chipotle Mayo and Cilantro salsa, then you can add angus beef, organic chicken, jumbo shrimp, Colombian chorizo, Portobello mushrooms, organic vegan chipotle chorizo.

We also make typical Colombian sides as "maduro con queso y bocadillo" Sweet plantain with cheese and guava, and our delicious empanadas made with organic home made quinoa and multigrain dough. We  fill them with Colombian cheese, organic chicken, angus beef or portobello mushrooms.




Gluten free and organic

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To make an order please call direct to 718-954-1955 or 786-457-9853